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Invitation: SwissFinTechLadies invites you to 'Women in Sustainable FinTech'

Ladies and Gents: Let's fix the leaky pipeline! Take influence on the future and co-create sustainable FinTech with diversity.

Event Details

Women in Sustainable FinTech have more fun
The ticket price includes the individual membership for SwissFinTechLadies for the year.

Benefit from a 30% discount by applying your GENTWO promotion code: SFTL-GENTWO

Trust Square
Bahnhofstrasse 3, 8001 Zürich

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Why does it matter
Why is it important to meet: Women in FinTech, Finance, Insurance, InsurTech or Asset Management mean an advanced value creation model for these industries.

The latest Deloitte shift report shows that since 1970 we are heading head nose down in the value creation process – not only in these industries.

How do we know? We just need to look at the return on equity and the multiples. They have decreased from 6.3% in the 70ies to 1.3% recently. The fall in returns shows this decline in value creation. Of course, you can outsource, create efficiencies through platforms – Daimler and BMW being a recent example. But..... you can only squeeze the lemon thus far. Efficiency alone will not create the necessary tipping point.... and it is costing a lot of jobs in your home country.

440 out of the 500 Fortune Companies have disappeared from the index within the past 40 years.

Creative disruption or simply lack of diversity? Maybe both? One thing for sure: disruption is "people's business". Technology is just a vehicle. In times of change, it is necessary to be able to take on many different perspectives, bringing together knowledge across industries and across gender with interdisciplinary approaches. That's why impact investors also do team analysis and focus on diversity. It just gives them better returns, more durability and more sustainability. Female perspectives sometimes differ from male perspectives Let us combine them in co-creation.

Take influence of our future. Come and discuss with us. We welcome all supporters and ambassadors for diversity in fintech, blockchain, finance, investing and entrepreneurship.

Program and registration

Women in Sustainable FinTech have more fun
Benefit from a 30% discount by applying your GENTWO promotion code: SFTL-GENTWO

What you can expect
We start with a welcome note from Susan Bincoletto, the Canadian Ambassador to Switzerland. Also, you can enjoy exciting discussions with our speakers and panelists related to female entrepreneurship, female funding, old versus new economy, the soul of tech, growing your career through investment, and about how to create and scale your business. Meet the thought leaders from Switzerland and Canada; contribute to our fireside talk with Mihai Alisie, the co-founder of AKASHA Foundation, Ethereum & Bitcoin Magazine on Cities and Smarter Citizens, pose questions to our keynote Tanya Woods, Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Kind Village about merging innovation and sustainability, to a fire-side-chat with Sandra Chattopadhyay and Olaf Hannemann from GENTWO/ GENTWO Digital & CV VC, and Jodi Johnson on scaling business, Carla Bünger, Lidia Bolla and Bernadette Leuzinger about blockchain and tokenized investments. More details can be found in our program on our website, in our meetup group and on eventbrite.

Any person female or male supporting the increase of women in sustainable fintech is warmly welcome!

Please find our Event Program online and get tickets at Eventbrite.
Stay in touch via our Meetup Group.
And visit our website to research our speakers and panelists.

About SwissFinTechLadies
SwissFinTechLadies’ vision is to see at least one Board Member in each and every FinTech, Finance, and insurance company, every Asset Manager and RegTech. We accept female and male members and also offer Corporate Membership.

Our event is thus far sponsored by The Embassy of Canada and Eccos Impact GmbH. If you want to join as a sponsor please let us know. We will inform you of the many benefits that are waiting for you.

Women in Sustainable FinTech have more fun
Benefit from a 30% discount by applying your GENTWO promotion code: SFTL-GENTWO

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