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Thank you, #AssetRush!

The topic of January’s #AssetRush 2020 was Building Platformsand it was a complete success. Get impressions of the fantastic event - watch the movie below!

#AssetRush took place at Kaufleuten Festsaal in Zurich, back for a third time in only an 18-month period. The event’s primary aim is to bring together and to inspire companies in the field of asset management, family office activities, and banking.

We focused this #AssetRush on the recurring topic of accessing new assets and real alternatives. But we also threw something new into the mix: we discussed the value add of platforms.

Click on the video to get impressions of a fantastic event:
AssetRush_After Movie_Final


#AssetRush’s exclusive media partner this time was Brand Relations. The innovative medium has implemented "Zukunft Banking", a unique and well-established financial publication that is distributed through a multichannel transformation campaign and reaches 750'000 readers through Switzerland’s “Sonntagzeitung”.

The event was fully booked; 346 guests from the #AssetRush community filled the hall to capacity. Attendees had the chance to meet all sorts of representatives from the traditional financial world as well as the newly developed Fintech world—including Crypto Valley in Zug.

#AssetRush owes its success to the many valuable contributions of GENTWO’s (business) partners. The three thematic blocks—Alternative Assets, Banking, and Digital Assets—were all well received by the audience. Presenters like Credit Suisse (as a traditional major bank), SEBA Bank (as a newcomer), and even a Hollywood film production company, formed an outstanding program.

Thank you, #AssetRush community! You have made it possible.

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