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P2P LENDING: Innovative Debt Financing Solution

GENTWO offers the most flexible & transparent solution for the distribution of P2P-loan linked notes.

For the securitization of a basket of Swiss P2P consumer loans, an independent Swiss asset manager was seeking a solution offering him enough flexibility to effectively and actively manage his portfolio on behalf of his clients.

After consulting several banking institutions, it became clear to him that the securitization of P2P loans lies in conflict with the business model of traditional banks, which leans towards traditional direct credits. Furthermore, the strict terms dictated by those institutions did not align with the asset manager’s interests and did not offer an appropriate framework for the implementation of his strategy.

Contrastingly, GENTWO’s proposal for the securitization of the loan portfolio could convince the asset manager, with its emphasis on transparency and the elimination of bank balance sheet risk.


Through the setup of a flexible and bank-independent investment vehicle, the asset manager was able to implement his strategy and issue certificates on an attractive product to his network of institutional investors.

Thanks to GENTWO’s solution, clients of the asset manager could gain access to a tailor-made, innovative, low cost and high-yielding investment strategy in record time (Setup Time Issuer 10 days & issuance of certificate 3 days).


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