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INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO - Actively Managed Certificate

GENTWO offers the most flexible, fast and secure solution.

Many banks offer actively managed certificates (AMCs). However, asset managers with an individual investment strategy are severally restricted with these offers. This was also the case for a client of our sales partner who was looking for an extremely flexible solution for the securitisation of his funds selected worldwide for best performance.
After checking all the alternatives, he decided on the GENTWO arrangement which is independent of any bank. Within a week we had packaged the funds into a tailored AMC in accordance with the strategy specified to us by the strategic adviser. For an administration fee of 0.20 percent (20 bps), in other words about a third of that of other issuers, we now support the product, check the inflows and outflows and conduct a daily evaluation.
In contrast to the solutions offered by conventional issuers, the specifically set up issue vehicle permits full inspection at any time of the portfolio with which it is possible to respond to exchange rate movements in the shortest possible time. The custodian and broker can also be selected in a flexible manner and this permits the setup of the best solution for the specific application.

Overall then, the GENTWO solution was impressive with its maximum flexibility, considerable cost savings and last but not least the elimination of the issuer’s risk with a bank.


Gamze what is so important about this particular project?
Gamze: “Creating flexible, best priced and segregated AMCs (Actively Managed Certificates) for Asset Managers is extremely important for asset managers and the financial sector. There are several conventional providers in the market, but none of them can do what we can do for our clients. In our setup, the clients can decide who the best custodian and broker is for each strategy in each certificate. If he wants to setup up with his regular bank, a representable name or a cost-effective online broker is his free choice. All his choice!“

Why did the asset manager choose the GENTWO solution over existing offerings?
Gamze: “In this case, we created an offering for the asset manager. Allowing to choose their custodian and brokerage setup freely; no conventional issuer allows that. Our clients get a segregated issuance vehicle that can issue as many different strategies as they wish for their clients without issuer risk in very little time and for a fraction of the cost. We give our client full control over fees and complete transparency.

“For our client, we create the most flexible offering and product to invest and perform in bankable (and non-bankable) assets."

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