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Media Release, Official Launch - GENTWO Digital

Zug / Zurich, 02/11/2018:

GENTWO, specialized in independent securitization of financial products, and the Blockchain Service Provider inacta with its ICO platform Tokengate and the co-initiated Crypto Valley ecosystem (CV Competition, CV Summit, CV Maps) have announced the formation of the GENTWO DIGITAL AG, a joint venture based in the Crypto Valley Lab in Zug, Switzerland. The business makes it possible to display digital assets as bankable financial products with a Swiss ISIN. GENTWO DIGITAL’s partner in developing the crypto-asset market is Crypto Broker AG in Zurich, which belongs to the Crypto Finance Group. This collaboration creates the world's first-ever issuing platform for financial products in the crypto area.


The market for digital assets such as tokens or blockchain portfolios has so far been separate from the traditional capital market. Despite the fact that there are a few crypto funds, it has so far not been possible to display individual tokens or crypto portfolios as financial products. In addition to this, institutional investors could not invest in ICOs or they could only do so with great difficulty. The new securitization and issuing set-up by newly-founded GENTWO DIGITAL makes this possible now. The business provides a simple, affordable, and autonomous solution for investing tokens and crypto portfolios. This means that GENTWO DIGITAL connects the traditional financial market to the crypto market for the first time ever. The business does so in the simple and transparent manner to which conventional GENTWO clients are used.

Connected to more than 600 blockchain businesses
GENTWO founder Patrick Loepfe will be the chairman of the board of directors of GENTWO DIGITAL. While GENTWO will make the set-up available that is required for the independent securitization of digital assets and their issuing as financial products, the other partners of this joint venture, and Marco Bumbacher and Ralf Glabischnig (both managing partners at inacta and board members of CV VC) in particular, will deal with connecting the new offer to the crypto community. This means that GENTWO DIGITAL is thereby connected to a pool of more than 600 blockchain businesses from the Crypto Valley.

Crypto Broker AG becomes the cooperation partner for the world's first issuing platform for financial products in the crypto space
With Crypto Broker AG, a subsidiary of the Crypto Finance Group, GENTWO DIGITAL starts with the support of a qualified financial intermediary for trading digital assets that are not securities.. Crypto Broker AG is acting as the trading partner to support some parts of this first issuing platform for crypto financial products. On this platform, existing portfolios can be securitized quickly, affordably, and transparently as actively managed certificates (AMC). Alternatively, individual tokens can be securitized as tracker certificates which can then be issued as financial products. In this way, Crypto Broker will expand their existing business and the clients of GENTWO DIGITAL can rely on Crypto Broker’s proven brokerage and storage setup.

GENTWO, with its registered office in Zurich, is the Swiss total provider of second-generation financial products. It combines services from FinTech, RegTech, and LegalTech into a disruptive solution for financial intermediaries for the issuing of financial products and advocates the democratization of the financial products market. The company was founded in 2018 by Patrick Loepfe and Philippe A. Naegeli, two acknowledged experts in financial products.

About inacta AG, Crypto Valley Ecosystem and Tokengate

About Inacta (
Inacta is an independent Swiss IT consulting firm based in Zug. Almost 50 experienced digitization experts support organisations from the insurance, banking, real estate, and healthcare sectors. For almost two years now, the experts of inacta have been supporting start-ups and established companies with consulting, training and software development services. As an early adopter, inacta understands not only the technology but also how and where Blockchain is usefully used, inacta is a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association and makes a social contribution to Switzerland as a business location.

About CV Labs (
CV Labs is a unique co-working space located in Zug, helping crypto companies to grow successfully by meeting all their needs. CV Labs is also an ideal home base for startup companies participating in the CV Labs incubation program. Regulär meetups and networking events are organized in the Crypto Cafe and the meeting rooms.

About CV Competition (
CV Competition offers blockchain startups the opportunity to win a cash prize of $100,000 as well as access to industry executives, Coaching and free Office space in the CV Labs in Zug.

About CV Summit (
CV Summit brings together innovative startups, industry experts and investors, as well as corporates experimenting with distributed ledger technology. The multi-industry themed event, which takes place twice a year, is the largest and most important gathering of the Crypto Valley Community.

About CV Maps (
CV Maps is the first directory and guide route through the fast-growing Crypto Valley blockchain ecosystem. The constantly updated database includes over 600 companies.

About Tokengate (
tokengate.iois an initiative of inacta AG to provide an easy to use platform for founders and startups that want to meet all security and regulatory requirements. All the hurdles and complexities of meeting legal compliance regulations from FINMA and the anti money laundering law have to be taken into account from the beginning to smoothen the investors/users experience.

About Crypto Broker AG and the Crypto Finance Group (
Crypto Broker AG, a financial intermediary for institutional and qualified clients, is a subsidiary of Crypto Finance AG, a financial technology holding company founded in June 2017. Crypto Broker AG provides professional access to a wide range of digital assets by means of its professional trading infrastructure.

Crypto Finance AG consists of three subsidiaries, including Crypto Broker AG. Crypto Fund AG is the first regulated asset manager for digital assets authorised by FINMA under the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act; Crypto Storage AG provides infrastructure solutions and services for the secure storage of blockchain-based assets. CEO Jan Brzezek and team founded the Crypto Finance group of companies with the conviction that all crypto market participants will benefit from professional, secure and stable access to crypto asset markets. Crypto Finance AG brings unequalled expertise, professionalism, and know-how to build this strong foundation.

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