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How to turn electric vehicles into an investable asset

Invest in what you love, not rubbish. We’ll explain how easy it is to turn your passion into a conventional financial product that can be added to your portfolio. Today’s example: garbage trucks. Wait… garbage trucks?

The fastest garbage truck in the world! We rode on an garbage truck. No we haven't changed jobs (tempting though!). Don't worry, the story is about e-mobility – a promising investment theme. However, it is not only about thematic investing. Combined with a focus on small companies, it becomes more interesting from an investor’s point of view. It gives them a pure thematic investment that reflects the theme better than stock-listed companies that are vulnerable to the market’s emotions and volatility.


To find out more about it, Sandra (GENTWO's CMO) and James (Investment Writer and Capital Raiser) traveled to beautiful city of Winterthur near Zurich. They visited an innovative Swiss company called Designwerk, who build exceptional heavy-load e-mobility vehicles and have few global competitors.

Designwerk Technologies GmbH was founded in 2007 and has strongly promoted electric-mobility through its innovative products and projects that aim to promote sustainable mobility. The company is seen as a think-tank for electromobility by many across Europe thanks to their ability to combine reliable engineering performance with attractive industrial design.

Can Designwerk be turned into an investable asset? Of course it can, even though it’s a private company. CAT Financial Products Ltd., one of the leading Swiss service providers of tailored investment solutions in the structured products market, and GENTWO, a securitization expert, have made it possible. This has been made possible through CAT Growth AG that enables and manages direct and diversified investments in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

Let’s find out more about these electrically powered trucks and DC chargers. Enjoy our visit to Designwerk and click on the video.

You can view the video below or by clicking here.


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