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Lucas Ereth, Managing Partner GENTWO Digital
This time it was GENTWO Digital's turn. Lucas Ereth, GENTWO Digital's managing partner, gives interesting insights in the course of the interview in German language. What is a securitization, why does one need it? To what extent “a bridge” was built between the old and the new investment world and what else is to report about the blockchain ecosystem? as a channel is about blockchain and crypto currencies and much more. It is the first German speaking channel, which is live daily. The aim is to inform as many people as possible about this interesting technology
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Successfully connect traditional investors with digital assets
Securitize coins, tokens, ICO, STO and portfolio strategies. Launch Swiss-compliant securities in form of tracker certificates and AMC. Let’s create new growth and product opportunities of the second generation. Be an innovator and learn how to create tailor-made investment solutions for all asset classes. 

Interviews The structuring of new investment instruments
The structuring of new investment instruments

Zurich-based Fintech GENTWO is known for building securitization platforms for financial intermediaries, issuing second-generation investment products with ISIN code.

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Interviews,Passion Investing Film Investments: “Sounds like a financial novel”
Film Investments: “Sounds like a financial novel”

Financial intermediaries can now easily bring new assets to the market. Films are just a fantastic example. Allnews has taken a look behind the scenes. Read the full interview about how GENTWO happened to securitize a.

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"Our business model works, and we are profitable."

Patrick Loepfe, chairman of GENTWO, interviewed by Payoff magazine. He talks about his initial idea, today’s product range, and further development.

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