Media Release - 25.09.2019

Strategic partnership aimed at making Alternative Assets bankable, accessible and customizable

Switzerland-based financial technology startup STABLETON and Swiss securitization expert GENTWO join forces to make Alternative Assets easily accessible to more investors than ever.


ZUG AND ZURICH, 25th September 2019: STABLETON Financial AG (“Stableton”), the leading European platform for Alternative Investments and GENTWO AG (“GENTWO“), the securitization specialist of next-generation financial products, today announced that they are entering into a strategic cooperation.

The goal of the cooperation between the two Swiss-based companies is to provide bankable and customized access to sophisticated Alternative Assets across liquid alternatives, private debt, private equity, and real estate. The particular focus is on underlyings which were previously not available to financial intermediaries and their clients due to the difficult access and non-bankable form. Current solutions include alternative equity, market-neutral strategies, managed futures, volatility and tail-hedge, alternative lending, value-added real estate, and selected startups for a broader audience.

The partnership combines deep industry expertise across the investment, structuring and distribution levels to bring to market innovative, traditionally non-bankable strategies that were previously unattainable for most investors due to high investment minima, a lot of paperwork, and high fees.

Until today, Stableton has made more than 13 alternative investment strategies accessible. The partnership recognizes that truly innovative strategic moves today are increasingly implemented through collaboration.

Andreas Bezner, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Stableton, said, “We believe that there is a need for a broader, more sophisticated toolset to generate returns in markets where interest rates linger around zero percent and equity prices are hitting at all-time highs. This is why we are delighted to partner with GENTWO. Their ability to efficiently securitize both bankable and non-bankable assets in a streamlined manner enables us to scale our Alternative Investments platform quickly.”

“Our mission is to build innovative platforms by making all asset classes bankable and manageable. GENTWO is excited to work with Stableton. Their platform allows for customizable alternative investment products at scale, and epitomizes our thinking about financial markets.” said Philippe Naegeli, Co-Founder and CEO of GENTWO.

About Stableton Financial AG

Stableton Financial AG is a Switzerland-based, rapidly growing financial technology company.
The company’s alternative investment Fintech platform is designed to be Europe’s leading gateway for qualified investors and financial advisors seeking simplified access to absolute return and alternative investment strategies such as hedge funds, startups, alternative lending, and real estate. Stableton was founded in October 2018 by entrepreneurs with decades of experience across the alternative investments value chain. Currently operating out of offices in Zug and Zurich, the company is regulated in Switzerland as an independent asset manager.
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Based in Zurich, the innovative financial services provider GENTWO is the creator of a new generation of financial products. The company enables its institutional clientele to securitize both bankable as well as non-bankable assets. The securitization is in Swiss-compliant, conventional financial products with Swiss ISINs and excludes the issuer risk of a bank. The focus on so-called off-balance sheet investment products solves the problem of falling margins and growth barriers for many players in the financial market. It opens up the dimension of new performance potential, as it also provides access to a theoretically unlimited world of potential asset classes. GENTWO's technology can be used by financial intermediaries, including banks, to do more than realize their own product innovations. They can also benefit from real process innovation by understanding GENTWO's setup as an additional element to their existing business structure.

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