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ART INVESTMENT - Portfolio Implementation

Beautiful art investments thanks to GENTWO

Art is not just a source of inspiration.
It is also a great store of value. Unfortunately, that kind of investments does not play a role when it comes to classical asset allocation. It would be highly advantageous if asset managers could manage pieces of art, compare value developments or if they could trade in parts of such items together with other alternative investments in their portfolio.

GENTWO give you the ability to create your own art investment certificate! The value of the piece of art invested in is based on the market valuation from external professional experts. At maturity, the actual value (based on the real sell of the investment object) minus the costs is paid out to the certificate holder or art investor. Moreover, the note, as it has a Swiss ISIN, can easily be traded internationally.

Moreover, the item with a Swiss ISIN can easily be traded internationally.
This created whole new possibilities for asset managers both in terms of products but also in terms of guidance and handling. This applies not only to art but also to other non-bankable assets such as diamonds, vehicles or real estate.

Thanks to the GENTWO solution, this is affordable, quick, and fully transparent.


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