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Thank you, #AssetRush!

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#AssetRush 2020: topics and presenters

The case for old-fashioned, absolute, and risk-adjusted returns

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Crypto Finance Magazine: An interview with GENTWO CEO Philippe A. Naegeli

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New Crypto Research Report Edition VIII is out

Monthly Pulse #11 19: Lately the noise about risks eased. But these may be short-term effects and could reverse quickly.

Partnering with GENTWO: An asset manager’s perspective

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Monthly Pulse #10 19: Geopolitical risks have decreased on various fronts

GENTWO? This is why!

Invitation: SwissFinTechLadies invites you to 'Women in Sustainable FinTech'

Partnering with GENTWO: A Broker’s Perspective

Strategic partnership aimed at making Alternative Assets bankable, accessible and customizable

A Bridge Between the Traditional Financial Market and the Digital World

Monthly Pulse #09 19: The global economy continues to be sluggish

Protecting Living Systems: “Monocultures can make a valuable contribution to the stability of the ecosystem”

Join the GENTWO family. We are hiring!

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Sustainable Healthcare: A new Investment Theme

Partnering with GENTWO: A Healthcare Asset Manager’s Perspective

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Turning forest into an investable, bankable asset

Monthly Pulse #08 19: FED cuts interest rates for the first time since December 2008 by 25 basis points

New Crypto Research Report is out

Partnering with GENTWO: An Investment Advisor’s Perspective

GENTWO’s CEO about the next generation of financial products

Partnering with GENTWO: An Asset Manager’s Perspective

What is the Crypto Valley?

AMC platform with GENTWO, CAT Financial Products and Aquila as custodian bank

Monthly Pulse #07 19: Leading economic indicators have weakened further

The Pursuit of Optimal Money

How to turn electric vehicles into an investable asset

GENTWO - Securitization Experts

Facebook Coin: A Crypto Currency Relevant for Hundreds of Millions of People in Developing and Emerging Countries

US-Swiss Exchange on Blockchain Innovation & Regulation

CNN Money: Facebook and its “Project Libra”

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Lykke’s utility tokens go traditional with GENTWO

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Make-it GmbH launches structured products on cryptocurrencies

Welcome to – crypto knowledge easy to understand

Monthly Pulse #05 19: Central banks have the room to be patient

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New Crypto Research Report is out

GENTWO’s board is getting expert advice for regulatory topics

[Ampliv TV] Feat. Patrick Loepfe at GENTWO Digital – Perspectives on Digital Securities

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Security Token Offerings - Inside the Golf Club

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New Crypto Research Report is out

GENTWO and GENTWO Digital at the World Economic Forum

MEDIA RELEASE - 16.01.2019 GENTWO strengthens communication with Sandra Chattopadhyay

GENTWO Digital - Great media reception

GENTWO Asset Rush - Kaufleuten Lounge 30.10.2018

'AGEFI - GenTwo met un pied dans les crypto-actifs

Swiss First in Crypto Emissions

Schweizer Broker lanciert Plattform für Strukturierte Produkte

Media Release, Official Launch - GENTWO Digital

Worlds first multi-asset AMC Platform(powered by GENTWO)

FINEWS: Patrick Loepfe: «We Will Soon Make More Headlines»

COLLABORATION: Interactive Brokers & GENTWO

FINEWS: Schweizer Fintech GENTWO spannt mit US-Broker zusammen

P2P LENDING: Innovative Debt Financing Solution

ART INVESTMENT - Portfolio Implementation

TESTIMONIAL - CAT Financial Products

Independent Issuing Platform - CAT Financial Products (by GENTWO)


INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO - Actively Managed Certificate

CERTIFICATE OF THINGS - Private Debt Financing

CRYPTO PORTFOLIO - Active Managed Certificate (AMC)

HOTEL FINANCING – Secured Private Loan

Swiss FinTech Map with GENTWO

We democratize structured product issuance


Expanding Business Horizons

Startup Ticker: Finanzprodukte Demokratisieren

GenTwo: Loepfe and Naegeli to launch disruptive FinTech Startup

Vontobel’s Structured Products Mastermind Doing His Own Thing